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One Small Cemetery Book 1 Kellie's Story



"Kellie’s Story" in the first book of a true crime series, immersing the reader in the investigation of the brutal homicide of 15 year old Kellie Wyckhuyse. She was scheduled to testify against a local reputed drug dealer when she disappeared and lay mutilated in a shallow grave for over a year until a young deputy and his mentor were led to a desolate hillside in rural Uinta County, Wyoming.


Even though a renowned defense attorney who had been appointed special prosecutor suspected him of collaborating with a murderer, the young sheriff’s deputy devoted over 20 years to solving a series of inexorably intertwined homicides and bring peace to the spirits of the dead; or perhaps more importantly, to bring a measure of peace to himself.


To this day the author, Steve Rubcic, is in many ways haunted by events that occurred over his quarter century career in Wyoming law enforcement. Transformed over the years from a rookie officer in 1974 into a seasoned investigator and beyond, Steve spent the majority of his career embroiled in the investigation into the deaths of five innocent victims.

One Small Cemetery is a true crime account. Visit the cemetery where the spirits of the victims, their families and murderers will spend eternity; it exists. Stand by the graves and experience for yourself.  Read the series; discover the truth . . .


Steven L. Rubcic

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