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Author, Steve Rubcic, spent the majority of his career embroiled in the investigation of several inexorably intertwined homicides in the late 70’s. Through his eyes, the reader is immersed in the investigations, trials and ultimate execution of Mark A. Hopkinson. To this day, an indelible imprint of that tragic time remains in the minds and hearts of so many innocent individuals in the rural ranching communities of southwest Wyoming.

One Small Cemetery Book 2 Thirty Sticks of Dynamite
Book 2 : Thirty Sticks of Dynamite

Mark Hopkinson, a convicted felon, was moving back to Bridger Valley. He was well liked, ambitious and intent on having his way. His first order of business when he arrived back in the valley was to assume control over the construction of a proposed trailer park in Ft. Bridger, MARK III. His second step was to hire part-time County Prosecuting Attorney James Phillips to file an appeal with the Wyoming Supreme Court in an attempt to have a judgement against the park construction reversed. Mark wanted the power of the law in his pocket and what better way than to ingratiate and perhaps obligate the County Attorney to side with him?


Hopkinson’s feud with Vincent Vehar and the Roitz family was intensifying and he was preparing those closest in his clan to move forward with his goals. Plans for bribes, bombs and murder would soon be set in motion.


The planning was over and it was time to act. During the early morning hours of August 7th Vincent Vehar, his wife and youngest son were murdered when a thirty stick dynamite bomb demolished their home.


Jeff Green’s surprise testimony breathes life into the Vehar investigation and Judge Brown appoints renowned Jackson, Wyoming attorney Gerry Spence as special prosecutor to spearhead the investigation. Green is pampered by prosecutors and refuses protection as suspicions of complicity between Rubcic and Hopkinson surface.

Book 3 : Grand Jury Witness Tortured


Book 4 : Arrests and Confessions


Book 5 : A Date with the Executioner
              (Warden, Help Me Do This)


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